Canada’s Finest Coffee supports a smaller carbon footprint with our sister company Aquaviva!

 Drink chilled, sparkling, filtered water, while reducing landfills and improving your company’s bottom-line

…this is a win/win !

Emissions Comparison

The average ION™ only needs one filter change per year.  That means that an Aquaviva technician is only making one trip per year to change the filter versus weekly trips made by other water companies to deliver the weekly supply of jugs.

Filter Comparison

One ION™ filter passes 1,000 gallons of water, or 128,000 ounces before it needs to be replaced.  That’s 200 18.9 litre jugs, or 8,000 500mL water bottles.

Energy comparison

Due to the advanced sleep mode the ION™ saves 4 times as much energy as other coolers, by utilizing sleep mode.  You’re using less, and saving more.

Features of the ION

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<strong>SleepMode</strong><br />
<strong>How It Works</strong> <br />

Conserves energy on evenings and weekends because the ION™ is able to detect when office is dark. ION™ SleepMode is 30% more efficient than other coolers.<br />

<strong>Why It's Better</strong> <br />

Simply put, SleepMode is good for your bottom line, and the environment.


<strong>SaniTouch</strong><br />
<strong>How It Works </strong><br />

The hidden faucet prevents hands and germs from coming into contact with your water.<br />

<strong>Why It's Better </strong><br />

Think of all the people that use your cooler, and the potential for contamination. SaniTouch is another way to keep your water clean and pure.


<strong>EZ Change Filter</strong><br />
<strong>How It Works</strong><br />

The filter reduces and removes chlorine, taste, odour, cysts – cryptosporidium and giardia and more. One EZ Change filter can purify the equivalent of 8000 16-oz bottles of water, or 200 5-gallon jugs.<br />

<strong>Why It's Better</strong><br />

The EZ Change filter is changed when necessary, usually just once a year. That means we're not only saving on waste by eliminating bottles and jugs, we're reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for weekly truck deliveries to your office.

EZ Change Filter

<strong>PureAlert</strong><br />
<strong>How It Works</strong> <br />

Using advanced technology, the ION™ continuously monitors the water temperature and filter usage for the ultimate quality control. The filter fail safe ensures that water will not be dispensed if there is a detection of contaminants, or will give a warning if the filter is close to its lifetime maximum volume of purification.<br />

<strong>Why It's Better</strong> <br />

No other cooler has as an advanced water monitoring system like the ION™. When was the last time your office cooler told you it needed a new filter?


<strong>Sealed Water Pathway</strong> <br /> 
<strong>How It Works</strong> <br />

Water enters the ION™ and passes through the filter, travels through airtight coils and pours into your glass without coming into contact with the air.<br />

<strong>Why It's Better</strong><br />

Jugs are contaminated by air as soon as they are in use. Most jug and bottleless cooler reservoirs need frequent maintenance, and if not cleaned properly are ideal places for algae and/or bacteria to grow. Both types of coolers can be easily contaminated by human touch, or faulty packaging. The Sealed Water Pathway is the perfect solution to a contamination free environment.

Sealed Water Pathway

<strong>InstaChill</strong><br />
<strong>How It Works</strong><br />

Depending on which model you have, water flows through the cold, room temperature, or hot channel. Cold passes through 20 feet of airtight coils surrounded by an ice bank, room temperature flows through the bypass coils, and hot travels into the hot water bank.<br />

<strong>Why It's Better</strong><br />

There is no waiting and no waste. Hot and cold water are ready whenever you want. No reservoir capacity limitation.


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