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Canada's Finest Roast & Ground Coffee
Columbian 42x1.5oz Mocha Java 42x1.5oz Mountain Roast 42x2.25oz
Columbian 42x1.75oz Mocha Java 42x2oz High Mountain Decaffeinated 42x1.3oz
Columbian 42x2oz Mountain Roast 42x1.75oz Decaffeinated 42x2oz
Columbian 42x2.25oz Mountain Roast 42x2oz Bold Blond Roast 42x2.5oz
Bold Euro Roast 42x2.5oz
Roast & Ground Coffee
Fair Trade Organic Colombian 42x2.75 Heritage Exclusive 12x12oz In-Room Reg 19gm
Whole Coffee Bean
Colombian Dark Bean 4lb Colombian Bean 5lb
Vanilla Nut 30x2.25oz

Ridiculously fresh coffee slow-roasted in small batches and obsessively fine-tuned.

Muldoon's Light Singles
Colombian Costa Rican Donut Shop Blend
Fair Trade Colombian Highland Blend
Muldoon's Medium Singles
Gautemalan West Coast Signature
Muldoon's Dark Singles
Flying Scotsman French Roast House Blend Sumatran
Muldoon's Decalf Singles
Decalf Colombian Fair Trade Swiss Water Decaf
Muldoon's Flavoured Singles
Emerald Irish Cream French Vanilla Cream Gingerbread
Hazel Nut Cafe Blend Scottish Maple Shortbread Pumpkin Spice
Muldoon's Hot Chocolate
Muldoon's Whipping Cocoa Muldoon's Latte Powder
Choose. Brew. Enjoy.
Light K-cups
Timothy's Breakfast Blend Timothy's Morning Blend Timothy's Original Donut Blend
Donut House Donut House Van Houtte Costa Rican Van Houtte Breakfast Blend
Van Houtte Mocha Java Adagio Toscana
Medium K-cups
Green Mountain Half Caff Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend
Wolfgang Puck Breakfast In Bed Martinson House Blend Folgers Classic Roast
Folgers Lively Colombian Timothy's Colombian La Vereda Timothy's Excelencia
Timothy's Italian Blend Timothy's Mocha Java Timothy's Pacific Island Blend
Van Houtte Amazonia Van Houtte Colombian Van Houtte House
Lavazza Classico Adagio House Blend
Dark K-cups
Timothy's French Roast Timothy's San Lorenzo Dark Folgers Black Silk
Green Mountain Lake & Lodge Van Houtte Colombian Dark Van Houtte French Roast
Van Houtte Mexico Lavazza Gran Selezione Adagio Cafe Napoli
Extra Bold K-cups
Coffee People Turbo Caffeine Coffee People Black Tiger Donut Shop Regular
Emeril's Big Easy Bold Green Mountain Dark Magic Green Mountain Kenyan AA
Timothy's Fair Trade Nicariguan Timothy's Midnight Magic Timothy's Parisian Nights
Timothy's Rainforest Espresso Tully's Italian Roast Tully's French Roast
Van Houtte Honduras Van Houtte Samatran
Premium K-cups
Barista Prima Colombian Barista Prima House Blend Barista Prima Italian Blend
Barista Prima French Roast Starbucks Veranda Blend Starbucks Pike Place
Starbucks Verona Blend Marley Get Up Stand Up Marley Catch A Fire
Marley One Love Marley Mystic Morning Marley Lively Up
Marley Buffalo Soldier Tim Hortons Original Tim Hortons Dark
Decalf K-cups
Adagio House Blend Green Mountain French Vanilla Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend
Emeril's Jazzed Up Marley Simmer Down Decalf Timothy's Hazelnut
Timothy's Colombian Starbucks Decalf Pike Place Van Houtte Swiss Water Process
Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut Van Houtte House Blend Van Houtte French Roast
Wolfgang Puck After Dark
Flavoured K-cups
Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry Green Mountain Island Coconut
Green Mountain Golden French Toast Folgers Carmel Drizzel Folgers Vanilla Biscotti
Timothy's Cinnamon Pastry Timothy's French Vanilla Timothy's German Chocolate Cake
Timothy's Hazelnut Timothy's Irish Cream Timothy's Kahlua Original
Timothy's Pumpkin Spice(seasonal) Timothy's Winter Carnival(seasonal) Van Houtte Butterscotch
Van Houtte Choc. Rasp. Truffle Van Houtte Creme Brulee Van Houtte Pecan Praline
Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut Van Houtte French Vanilla Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut
Wolfgang Puck Jamaica Me Crazy Wolfgang Puck Vanilla French Toast
Specialty K-cups
Grove Square Caramel Cappuccino Grove Square French Cappuccino Grove Square Hazelnut Cappuccino
Grove Square Pumpkin Cappuccino Grove Square Spiced Apple Cider Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider
Timothy's Chai Latte Timothy's Caffe Mocha Timothy's Dulce de Leche
Timothy's French Latte
Van Houtte Colombian Van Houtte House Timothy's Breakfast Blend
Donut House Collection
Hot Chocolate K-cups
Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Grove Square Creamy Hot Chocolate Grove Square Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
Grove Square Mint Hot Chocolate Laura Secord Hot Chocolate Laura Secord Mint Hot Chocolate
Tea K-cups
Bigelow English Breakfast Bigelow Green Tea Bigelow Earl Grey
Higgins & Burke Bountiful Green Higgins & Burke Chamomile Mint, Lemon Grass Higgins & Burke Kazaringa Chai
Higgins & Burke Lush Berry Higgins & Burke Orange Pekoe Higgins & Burke Roaring Black
Snapple Lemon Ice Tea (Seasonal) Snapple Raspberry Ice Tea (Seasonal) Timothy's Chai
Timothy's Chinese Green Timothy's Cranberry Twist Timothy's Decalf English Breakfast
Timothy's English Breakfast Timothy's Earl Grey Timothy's Lemmon Blueberry
Timothy's Peppermint

Allied Products

Traditional Tea
Apple Cinnamon 28/box Bigelow Earl Grey 28/box Bigelow Premium Regular 100/box
Cranberry Apple 28/box Cozy Chamomile 28/box English Breakfast 28/box
English Teatime Decaf 28/box Green Tea 28/box Lemon Lift 28/box
Mint Medley 28/box Tetley Tea 240/bag Vanilla Chai 20/box
Hot Chocolate
21g Hot Chocolate 50/box Lite Hot Chocolate 50/box Ultra Whip Hot Chocolate 12x2lb
Cinnamon Bun Cappuccino 6x2lb English Toffee Cappuccino 6x2lb French Vanilla Cappuccino 6x2lb
White Chocolate Cappuccino 6x2lb
Chicken Noodle 22/box Spring Vegetable 22/box Tomato Cruton 22/box
Cream and Milk
10% creamer, 15ml 200/case 10% creamer, 473ml 2% milkette, 15ml 200/case
2% milk, 1 litre 10% Freshness Bottle, 1 litre 2% Freshness Bottle, 1 litre
Coffeemate, 311g
Sugar and Sweetener
Sugar Cylinders, 20 oz Sugar Individuals 1000/case Raw Sugar Individuals 1000/case
Bulk Sugar, 2kg Sugar Cubes 500 gm Splenda 100/box
Dart, 10 oz Styro 1000/case 10 oz Paper Cups 1000/case 10 oz Paper Cups 50/sleeve
12 oz Paper Cups 1000/case 12 oz Paper Cups 50/sleeve 10 oz Ripple Cups 500/case
10 oz Ripple Cups 25/sleeve 12 oz Ripple Cups 500/case 12 oz Ripple Cups 25/sleeve
Dart, 10 oz Lids 1000/case Dome Lids, 10/12 oz 1000/case Dome Lids, 10/12 oz 100/sleeve
Stir Stix
Stir Stix 6" plastic 1000/box Stir Stix 7" wood 1000/box

Canada's finest coffee

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